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METLIN Local is by far the most comprehensive MS/MS database. Created from the original METLIN with over 500,000 molecular standards, METLIN Local is available as a local installation on your personal computer (4Gb memory) with no specialized hardware or infrastructure required.

  • Increased batch quota on daily searches
  • Automated MGF file MS/MS data analysis
  • Local means secure, uncompromised searching
  • No slow network connections

The cost of METLIN Local will be an initial year’s subscription of $5K. Yearly renewals will be either $2K (which includes a software upgrade) or $3K (which includes a software and database upgrade). Please contact us below to order METLIN Local.

Royalty proceeds will help fund research on XCMS and METLIN at Scripps Research.


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Founded in 1994, Mass Consortium Corporation is a San Diego based technology company that has been awarded numerous SBIR grants. We have a history of licensing technology from Scripps Research, including DIOS and XCMS Plus (currently distributed by AB Sciex LLC).