XCMS-METLIN Overall Description

Over the last three decades, MCC has helped create and make available, XCMS and METLIN. XCMS was the first metabolomic/lipidomic data processing technology and remains one of the most popular platforms. METLIN is the largest and most unique collection of tandem mass spectrometry data on molecular standards spanning over 350 chemical classes.

XCMS, now has over 50,000 registered users, and is a widely used data processing platform.

METLIN with over 900,000 molecules, each individually analyzed using cutting edge high resolution tandem mass spectrometry, is a database that dwarfs all other databases combined.

The resultant combination of XCMS-METLIN represents a decades-long effort to streamline data analysis and molecular identification. Key to this platform is METLIN, which represents the largest repository of MS/MS information that connects empirical data with molecular structure. METLIN thus offers a rapid and unique means of identifying a wide variety of molecules.

We are now using this platform to facilitate research across the diverse community of institutes and companies to empirically characterize a broad swath of molecular entities.


  • Innovative Data Processing - coming from the investigators that originally developed the nonlinear retention time alignment, XCMS-METLIN offers a data processing solution that is combined with statistical analysis tools for characterizing up- and down-regulated metabolites across any sample set.
  • Intuitive Platform - a single intuitive platform that enables simplified data analysis and visualization.
  • Time Tested Solution - Both XCMS (a platform that boasts over 50,000 registered users) and METLIN (the largest database of its kind) together represent an unparalleled solution in lipidomics and metabolomics.

XCMS-METLIN Pricing Matrix

CPU Count Company Academic
Initial Yearly Renewal Initial Yearly Renewal
1CPU (8*1 cores) $9K $2K $6K $1K
2CPU (8*2 cores) $15K $3K $9K $2K
3CPU (8*3 cores) $25K $5K $12K $3K
4CPU (8*4 cores) $35K $7K $15K $4K

XCMS-METLIN Subscription Matrix

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  • Trial Demo Access
  • Currently supports all instruments except Waters