XCMSplus Overall Description

XCMSplus is designed from the original XCMS and XCMS Online platforms for untargeted metabolomics. It utilizes retention time alignment, feature detection and matching, as well as statistical analysis. It also includes intuitive visualization tools and a database of precursor masses containing over 600,000 analytes. In addition, XCMSplus is also in the process of being integrated with the METLIN tandem MS and METLIN Neutral Loss databases to facilitate more accurate identifications.

XCMSplus Features

  • Innovative Data Processing - coming from the investigators that originally developed the nonlinear retention time alignment, XCMSplus offers a data processing solution that is combined with statistical analysis tools for characterizing of up- and down-regulated metabolites across sample sets.
  • Intuitive Platform - a single intuitive platform enables simplified data analysis and visualization.
  • Time Tested Solution - the original XCMS platform has over 10,000 users, and is the most cited metabolomics software package for finding and identifying metabolites.

XCMSplus Licensing, Maintenance/Support, and Renewal Reference Guide

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XCMSplus Cost Matrix

Initial 1-Year Company License

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